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Thinking on God Daily

The bible says that Jesus met his disciples in the morning on a beach and had breakfast cooked for them and they ate together, and at other times in the evening the supped together. I believe that The Father, Son and Holy Spirit wants to meet with us in the morning and evening to have communion. This is the concept for Morning and Evening Med's. To take our dose of God's Word for healing, help, comfort, learning and more. Here are some of the thoughts I have had during those times of my day that I would like to share with you.

Feeling Cursed, nothing seems to be going the way I thought Father. I hate to think this way, but according to curses and blessings I seem to be more on the side of curses from the book of Deuteronomy 28. Or maybe its a time of testing, or correction, not curses necessarily. I need your answers Lord, help me through this time, it is confusing too me. I will repent of my sins and have done so, but I will repent again. Whatever it takes, Your Kingdom and commands are more to me than me being right. Help me tonight, Oh Lord, lest I sleep the sleep of death.

Evening 10/9/19

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