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Great ways to make the most of your marriage!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

In a world where marriage has been marred with gay, and lesbian marriage taking the place of The Holy Union of a man and woman. We as believers of Christ must make a strong stand for truth in our marriages. We must contend for the faith that we confess especially in our marriages. There are great ways from the Lord that we can make the most of our opportunities as married couples in the way God intended to be married.

We can read the word of God to one another, if not daily at least strive for once a week to read the Holy Truth to one another. We can celebrate the Sabbath together which is great way to draw close to each other in the Lord. Light candles, playing worship music, reading the Holy Scripture, Praying, and taking Communion together. These are all great ways to make the most of our marriages in a trying time, where marriage is being marred, attacked, and mocked by the enemy of God an His Holy Son. We are to represent the the Bride and the Bridegroom in the earth, so lets take what is Great and add it to our marriages, for a truly blessed union.

Besides having date night, movie night, and intimacy, we need strong spiritual bonds to make our marriages great. Don't feel that serving God is making marriage dull or boring and the earthly things are the true ways to a great marriage. No, the opposite, great marriages have to come from great behaviors, and greatness comes from our Father God and Christ. So, practicing the great commandment of Love in marriage by honoring the Lord, and honoring ourselves in the Lord, will lead us to to greater appreciations for one another. Some simple practices with a lot of power to strengthen our marriages today.

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